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Game Show Contestant Convicted of Fraud!


      Have you guys heard of that song, “Somebody watching me,” if you don’t believe it here’s another example that it’s true.

  Can you imagine going on a games show that’s viewed worldwide, actually becoming a contestant, and then later find yourself being charged with fraud?  I wonder what are the odds of that happening.  With today’s diva her chances were 100%.  You can’t do wrong, and then put stupid on top of it.  You will end up with a disaster, just as the diva from today’s post.

The CrimeDiva, Cathy Wrench Cashwell, of Greenville, N.C. was once a postal carrier who filed for worker’s compensation, claiming she could not lift the mail trays into the truck due to an injury she received from 2004 while on the job. [I wonder if she had already been receiving the benefits and this came up during recertification?]

Ms. Cashwell had the opportunity to go on and become a contestant of “The Price is Right” game show. Someone recognized her??? . . . was it a worker’s compensation case worker, a private investigator, a news reporter . . . the information did not say, but it’s obvious she was under someone’s watchful eye because she was indicted in 2012.  Think about this, the game show aired in 2009, but the indictment didn’t come until 2012 – three years later she was served with a legal complaint that she was facing a felony charge. As I said in previous posts they take their time and gather all the information they need to have a solid case against you.

Ms. Cashwell appeared on “The Price is Right” and was able to spin “the big wheel” twice. The claim she filed claimed she “couldn’t stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp. [Now this is non-sense, because the only thing that’s left is lay. ” Nonetheless, this was not a common sense move on Ms. Cashwell behalf.

You know . . .  I don’t know if people are not reading the newspapers or listening to news reports.  There are constantly hundreds of articles and stories about someone committing a crime and if you are committing a crime there is a high probability that the same crime you are/have committed someone else has gotten convicted and sentenced for. It is just a matter of time before your name is on the top of the hit list.

Women, first, let’s do the right thing all the time, then there won’t be any nightmares to wake up to. And please stay away from doing anything stupid . . . I will leave it there.

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