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A Crime Diva dies in prison!


     To further our effort of preventing females from crossing the line into a life of crime, especially those that involve white-collar crimes by professional women – not meaning any other women are less important, but our focus right now is this group of women, I wanted to include some harsh reality of imprisonment that people think only occur on cable or television programs, or are words of some disgruntled prisoners.

The post today is one of those harsh reality – one that is very hard to grasp . . . someone, especially a woman incarcerated for a white-collar crime spending her last days of life encaged, with no love ones surrounding and embracing her, no one to help ease the fear of the unknown, or no one to say good-bye too. The harsh reality of being chained to a bed under guarded eyes and guns, and never having the opportunity to live the last days of your life in freedom. The harsh reality many will face because they are not being afforded the proper health care that could have allowed them to live through their sentence and returned to your their ones. Yes, this is the harsh reality many ill and older females that are/or will be incarcerated for a white-collar crime has to look forward too. Not only these women, but tens of thousands of other females in prisons.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, there were over 100,000 women incarcerated in 2006, and over one million more on probation and/or in the legal system (including those yet to be sentenced, I assuming). That was seven years ago. With the recession, loss of jobs and other financial reasons that number probably has more than doubled. Meaning more women are incarcerated and will have the same fate as today’s Crime Diva. We have to change this via of prevention . . .  . Hold a conversation with someone today, or tell them about this site.

Today’s CrimeDiva’s, Sonya “Cheri” Tucker, died at the age of 68, at the Carswell Federal Prison in Fort Worth TX. The cause of her death was not disclosed in the information I obtained. Ms. Tucker was imprisoned after being convicted and sentenced for defrauding banks and cheating homebuyers and investors in 2009. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to bank fraud. She and her husband falsified the source of down payments on home loans they filed for clients, many of whose homes ended up in foreclosure.

Ms. Tucker went to prison at the age of 64 and died in less than four years. The reason she was incarcerated: Ms. Tuckers and her husband owned Tucker Mortgage in Thousand Oaks and San Diego and were accused of operating a “mill,” a real estate finance scheme in which two or more people broker numerous real estate loans made by banks or lenders by using fraudulent documents, according to court documents. The mill generated more than $31 million. It was stated that Ms. Tucker profited from loan brokerage fees, real estate commissions and fees assessed to investors. Most who were church friends. They told clients they could secure 100 percent financing through a combination of conventional and hard-money loans. Hard-money loans are short-term loans made at a high interest rate and usually issued by an individual to a borrower with low creditworthiness, according to documents. They arranged about $4.5 million in hard-money loans. They turned to friends and fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to invest in the loans, according to documents. When the investors demanded repayment, they would advise their loan customers to apply for home equity lines of credit, which the Tuckers would control once they were obtained.

In reading this, a picture of greedy, selfish, and money-hungry individuals probably formed in your mind. There are some of you who may have such cold unforgiving hearts to the point that you may think she got her just due . . . . I hope you are not one of those persons. Yes, it is unfortunately sad that they resorted to handling their business in this criminal fashion . . . but, this is beyond justice – to die in prison, not being able to say good-bye to her husband, because he was locked up also, and not being able to do anything because you are a prisoner. For older women that are/may be thinking about committing a crime think about this . . . .This could be your fate, too.

Ms. Tucker is not a rare case.There are thousands of people dying in prison each year. Many because of lack of proper health care, read this interesting article, why: Meet a company making 1.4-billion-year-sick-prisoners. Remember that money is from taxpayers’ and we are not getting any benefit from it. Meaning what the money’s meant for, healthcare for prisoners, and not to make owners and shareholders of these corporation rich. Why is this happening . . . learn about whose lobbying the legislators to get bills introduced into laws, so their company profits increase and keep coming.

Check pictureIf you like to read true crime stories here is one that is closely related to this story, “The Check.” A true short story about an illiterate, and elderly woman whose husband suddenly dies  leaving her to take care of business as he did, which included cashing his social security check. This turns into a big legal problem and turns her world upset down.  Will the help of her family, close-knit group of friends, and the outraged of her community be enough to save her from going to prison? Click on the book cover to learn more. Read this short story for free if you are a Kindle Prime Member, or for only .99 for all others.  Check out more crime stories by clicking here.

If this is your first time to this blog site, welcome!  Please feel free to click on more posts and learn about women in trouble, and then  Divas shirtshelp us with our mission of preventing these crimes by telling others about this site and to help on a larger scale purchase a CrimeDiva T-shirt (only $12 click on the shirt to learn more), wear it, and then start a conversation about white-collar crimes among professional women.

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2 comments on “A Crime Diva dies in prison!

  1. The Felonious PhD.

    Through this legal process, much has been learned about the “intent” that the government has little burden to prove. Who can know one’s heart? Sometimes the courts hard facts distort the truth. I, and most others, I’ve learned, caught up in the federal fraud net, had no choice but to plead guilty or face the maximum mandatory sentence. While the indictment stated that I intended to defraud the government, that was never my intent. I have learned also that as you have pointed out, age and health is of no concern to the system. I am serving my time, and accepting responsibility for the mistakes I made and doing my best not to grumble about it.

    • crimedivas

      Thank you so very much for sharing that with us. I wish more would share their experiences and views so that we can wake up more women on the harsh reality of the criminal justice system. My number is listed on this site,please feel free to call me any time. DeVine

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