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Counterfeiting Checks gets Woman 81 months in Prison!


     I was originally astounded when I saw the amount of time given for counterfeiting checks and for $100,000, not chunk change. After reading more details about the diva behind the crime and learning that this will not be her first time doing time for similar offenses, I understand the stricter punishment that has been imposed on her, which is still on the lighter side considering she took this case to trial. But, form an opinion of your own as you read, and note that I did not say, ‘judge’.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Carolyn Wall, 37, of Newark, was convicted of 30 counts of fraud and identity theft, which included conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, access device fraud, fraudulent use of a Social Security number and aggravated identity theft. This is Ms. Wall second time being convicted and sentenced. The first was for  felony forgery and false statement charges. She served nearly two years in prison. She was released and was put on probation in early June 2010. It didn’t take long for her to restart her illegal activities. It was reported that from July 2010 through May 2011 she got involved in counterfeiting of checks. By using  a sophisticated computer software program, specialty check paper and a certain type of “MICR-compliant” check-writing ink she made hundreds of counterfeit checks.

She was so bold that she used the names of real bank and their routing numbers, but, of course, the account numbers on the checks were fake. Ms. Wall and others involved in the check fraud and identity theft scheme presented the checks to retail stores, including: ACME, Wal-Mart, Happy Harry’s, Lowe’s, Boscov’s, Target, Safeway, Best Buy and Kohl’s over 700 times, and over 250 checks were honored for more than $100,000.

Ms. Wall and others she was involved with obtained over 200 Social Security numbers  and used 65 of them to cash fake checks. They also secured driver’s licences and other documents to use. It was not surprising that Ms. Wall’s home lease, cable, and other bills were under someone else’s Social Security number.

Unfortunately, Ms. Wall, took this case to trial, which I’m sure pissed off the judge, prosecutor, and a jury that had to listen to the case for six days. The judge gave out two consecutive two-year prison sentences, which means she will have to serve each one after the other, and then sentenced her to additional 57-months.

I hope that Ms. Wall will take this time to give some deep thought to what she did wrong and  to work out her issues so when she’s released she will be a law-abiding citizen who can contribute to the betterment of our world.

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