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Woman Embezzle Half-a-Million, Wants Home Confinement!


     I found this to be  an interesting case; this woman has serious health issues, so she embezzled to care for her family! For some reason that just doesn’t go hand in hand, but more stranger things have occurred. The interesting highlight of this case is that the attorney is seeking for her to serve her sentence in home confinement [Which, under the circumstances, I’m not against – due to the cost taxpayers will have to bear to incarcerate her and also provide the expensive health care that she will require]. I’ll comment more on that after we read about this diva.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Barbara Gail Mayhew, 56, of Gum Spring, was convicted of one count of embezzlement. Ms. Mayhew was a trusted accountant manager (prime positions for women to commit white-collar crimes — are those dealing single-handedly with someone elses money), for a marketing firm. Ms. Mayhew for eight years stole over $500,000. This is not chuck change, but nowhere near some of our other Diva’s jackpot/s.

According to the records, Ms. Hayhew has very serious health issues, none however, were noted, [not saying this is not true, but there are many who are dealing with very serious health issues].  It was also noted that she was under stress from trying to care for members of her family, and she did not use the money to personally enrich her lifestyle, words of her attorney. It was further stated that she was stealing up to $90,000 a year and fully paid multiple insurance plans for herself (why!?!). The selfishness of her crime showed up here; she created overtime payments for herself when other employees were laid off. As usual in these crime cases, when the cat is away the mouse gets the cheese. Unfortunately, Ms. Mayhew became ill and was hospitalized.  Bet you can guess what happened. The new help uncovered the scheme. Can you imagine that, being in the hospital and confronted with a crime you have been committing in secret.  That would be enough to make you sicker?

Please keep in mind this is not to belittle, nor disgrace her or any of these women. We are only highlighting these crimes so others can be aware of the consequences of committing a crime/s. 

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The big question is, should she serve her punishment in prison? Should the court make special allowance for her when it has not for others; even those that are  deadly ill, but are still incarcerated? What are your thoughts on this?



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