Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Unemployment Fraud-Criminal Stigma!



      As I was researching for articles on the internet, I came across a heading that was about unemployment fraud. I decided to take a look to see if there were any CrimeDivas. To my surprise the site was, The State of Indian Workforce Development’s Office, which maintained and displayed a list of those that had defrauded the unemployment agency. These individuals’ photographs, names, locations, amount of money, and punishments were posted. Here is the link to that site

There were only a couple of females on the current list. As I clicked through the entries I thought about these were every day people. Someone you would pass by on the street and never give thought to they too could be criminals.  None of these individuals spent a day in prison, but will have the same problems with employment, criminal record, and the stigma as any other convicted person.

I guess you are wondering why I’m speaking about this.  My reason is you never know what another person has or is going through and because they have made a bad decision once be careful when you want to judge them.  None of us are perfect, as much as we like to believe we are . . . there are skeletons in all our closets.

 I also bring this up because in the CrimeDiva’s mission statement we touch bases on the fact that it is not our intent to shame, disgrace, nor belittle these women we feature on this blog site, who for whatever reason made a bad decision and have to bear the consequences of the legal ordeal that decision created.  It is our position that once they have paid their debt we need to help them to get and stay on the right road.

Our greatest task today, however, is to prevent this from happening from the start and the only way we know how is to talk about it openly, sharing  information about the nightmare that comes with making a bad decision to commit a white-collar crime. We use this site to show the countless individuals that are crossing the line each and every day, probably unaware of the great price their bad decision will cost.

 We are asking you to be a part of this movement. You can simply just tell someone else about this site and our website at 

Divas shirts you can play a more active role by purchasing a CrimeDiva’s T-Shirt (only$12 – click on the shirt to learn more), wear it, and start a conversation.  It’s just that simple.  I invite you to read some of these posts you may learn some of some tell-tale signs of white-collar crimes, learn how to help prevent it in your work place, or help someone you have no idea that could be committing the crime.



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