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    Have you ever written a check and found out later that there were insufficient funds to cover it. According to the law you can be prosecuted for bank fraud if certain circumstances are in play.  Overdrafts, I believe, occur a lot in the banking industry that is, customers/members writing checks and do not have sufficient funds to cover.  But, isn’t that why the banks offer you the option to have an overdraft, or they reject the check, but most honor the check to get that hefty overdraft fee they charge or non-sufficient fee they charge.  Well, it was a little shocking when I first read that someone was actually convicted and sentenced to prison for this action because it is not unusual . . . . Right!

Today’s CrimeDiva, Kelly Taylor, 52, of Davenport, Iowa, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison for defrauding a credit union.

What happened? Ms. Taylor was an owner of a business and for five months wrote checks from her business checking account and deposited them into her personal account at the Scott Schools Credit Union, but there wasn’t enough funds in the business account to cover the checks. The real problem, however, was the fraud she committed  when she wrote additional checks from her personal checking account, and then deposited them in the business account, which had insufficient funds, to cover the checks she had deposited from the business checks.  You all remember this is known as  . . . the floating scam.

Yes, this appears to be a purposeful act of deceit; don’t do this. First, it’s wrong and second the paper trail is very obvious.

I have an interesting bank story for you to read . . . Password . . . a true short story about a young girl’s computer skills of decoding firewalls and secured areas on the internet, which leads to her crossing the line to commit a crime.  It’s a shock to her supportive family . . . . Will she end up doing time? Will this destroy her life forever?  You can read it for ‘free’ if you are a Kindle Prime Member, or only .99 for everyone else.  If you enjoy reading true crime, also read, The Check . . . a short story about an illiterate elderly woman whose husband suddenly dies and not knowing better she continues to cash his social security checks. Will her circle of family, friends and the community be able to save her from going to prison? You can read it ‘free’, too if you are a (KPM), or .99. If drama, intrigue, hot moments, innocence, and a happy endings is your cup of tea read this full novel, Trucker’s Nightmare . . . I promise it will keep you turning the pages until the end. [Click on the book covers below to learn more.]

Back to the most important topic of this post, preventing professional women from committing these white-collar crimes by exposing the crimes and having an open dialogue about it; that is our mission. But, we need your help and you can assist in several ways, the easiest is to start a conversation about this site and the information you read and learned. Or get a CrimeDiva’s T-shirt (only $12, click on the picture), wear it, and start a conversation. The more we expose this epic situation (professional women committing white-collar crimes), the more women we will reach to stop from ending up in prison.

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