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Las Vegas’s Million Dollars Mortgage Fraud Scam


  As you probably know, in the mid-2000’s white-collar crimes with professional females was on the rise, undercover that is. What we are seeing now is the fall-out from those crimes that were going on, meaning these people crimes have been brought to light and they are being prosecuted. Unfortunately, it has not ended, many more are committing similar crimes totally unaware that the time-bomb is about to go off at any minute.  The amazing thing about uncovering a crime is that the law enforcement offices are aware well before the person committing the crime is issued a legal complaint and they are arrested. The government takes its time gathering all the necessary information to put their case together so about time the person is caught, they are gotten . . . . meaning a conviction is a sure win!

Mortgage fraud scams were running rampage during the mid 2000’s and we have so many cases just like the one I am posting today.  I wonder if these people [those that have committed these crimes] are walking around on pins and needles knowing at any moment the explosion is going to go off.  I hope they are not naive to think it will not, it’s only a matter of time meeting chance . . . like throwing a dice eventually it’s going to land on that special number.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Theresa Marcinati, 60, real estate escrow officer [Oh boy, these mature women are crowding the prisons, what’s up with that?], was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank, mail and wire fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of wire fraud, which with her assistance caused millions of dollars in losses to banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and other lenders. This particular operation was considered to be one of the main catalyst to the Nevada real estate crises.

Ms. Marcianti, worked for Lawyer’s Title and National Alliance Title, where she along with others, tricked lenders into making home loans through the use of false statements and straw buyers to purchase the homes and retained a portion of the loan money themselves.

From what I have read it sounds like Ms. Marcinati took her case to trial. You guys remember what I said about taking a case to trial and being found guilty by the jury . . . you end up getting more time instead of taking the plea deal, which allows less time, because you can usually plea to only one count of a lesser crime. She is facing up to 20 years in prison.  

Hey guys, I need your help getting the word out there to help prevent these professional women from crossing the line and going to prison. Purchase a T-shirt (only $12), wear it, and start a conversation.  You can also tell others about this site so we all can becomeDivas shirts informed.  

In your spear time read a true crime story, free to Kindle Prime Member and .99 to everyone else. [Click on the book covers.] When you can check-out more of these posts, you may be surprised who did what and white-collar crimes you may have never heard of and finally I invite you back anytime.

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