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American Plant Products Female Employee Embezzles $1.2 million



     The CrimeDiva, Carolyn Dawson, of Oklahoma City, was convicted of one count of embezzlement and one count of tax evasion.  Ms. Dawson was sentenced too two years for both charges, which from what I have observed was a big deviation from the norm in federal courts.

Ms. Dawson was an accountant/bookkeeper for American Plant Products, a Oklahoma City wholesaler of greenhouse and garden supplies. She embezzled from  the business from 2007 through November 2011 by paying her personal credit card expenses from a business bank account, without the owner knowledge. She treated these payments as business-related expenses to disguise her embezzlement.

In addition, Ms. Dawson failed to pay federal payroll taxes for the company’s 2010 payroll tax return, and did not make the company’s payroll withholding payments to the IRS for the purpose of covering the altered books and records. [I’m sure this is what alerted the IRS, non-payment of tax withholding from the company.]

Ms. Dawson has been ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution to the victim, $600,000 to the IRS, and will be under supervised release for three years.

Ms. Dawson was facing a term of 25 years in prison, she got off with less than 10% of that time.

The mission of CrimeDiva is to stop this type of criminal thinking and the behavior of professional women who are/may fall into these situations via of informing through true stories showing the consequences and having that real conversation about it. Here is the reality of Ms. Dawson actions; she was an accountant/bookkeeper, instead of her stealing she could have used her skills to start a home base business on the side, worked a side job, and/or applied for a loan to cover her debts. There are other legal ways to accommodate ones’ needs even when you allow them to get out of control. After all the deception of altering books and transferring funds she lost out big time. She will have to endure a term of prison confinement and deal with the nightmare of that the rest of her life. She will be labelled a felon the rest of her life, there is no expungement for federal convictions, she will forever have a difficult time obtaining a position of trust, she will not be able to run for public offices in many states for a very long time, if at all, she will have the IRS and federal government overlooking her life for a very long time, because the money has be to paid . . . . With all that said and that’s not said, “It was not worth all that is lost and the future troubles.”

Will you help us get the word out to prevent professional female white-collar crime? What can you do? Tell others about this site . . . you never know who’s committing or thinkingDivas shirts about committing a white-collar crime and do one of the following: Purchase a CrimeDiva T-shirt (only $12, click on the T-shirt to learn more), wear it and start a conversation. If you enjoy reading true crime stories read one of these and learn more about females involved in crime.  Here are two you can read for free if you are a Kindle Prime Member, or for .99 for everyone else. (Less than a dollar for eReader, or free at your local library, if they don’t have these selections, ask them to upload them). The Check pictureCheck – a story of an illiterate woman whose husband suddenly dies and she continues to cash his social security check unknowing that she was breaking the law . . . will the help of friends keep her from prison?

Or read, Password, a story about a young girl’s love for computer leads to committing a crime, which ends her in prison. . . is all hope lost for her?  Click on the book cover to learn more.webPaswaor


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