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Best-Buy – Case has a rumble in the courts that may send woman to prison!


Let’s jump right into this post. An Illinois couple were charged with defrauding Best Buy by over-billing the company for computer parts in the amount of $42 million, and tax evasion.

Our CrimeDiva, Abby Rae Cole, 53, is in the midst of a very controversal case in which the ruling judge went against the jury conviction and sentenced her to three years of probation. The prosecution dissatisfied with the judges action took the case to the Federal Court of Appeals. The Court upheld the jury conviction and remanded the case back to the lower court for an explanation of the judge’s sentencing decision.

This is a very involved case and has several actors.  According to the records, Ms. Cole was the founder and owner of Chip Factory, Inc., and later married and allowed her husband Russell to run the company.

At some point of expanding the company, the couple got involved with the Best Buy Vendor Program, which required bidding from vendors and the selected winner was award the contract to supply the company with its needed computer parts.

The Coles entered into some form of partnership with a Best Buy employee,  Robert Paul Bossany, who happened to be in charge of managing the vendor partners program. Mr. Bossany assisted the Coles in their business ventures with Best Buy.

Part of the un-covered illegal action of actually over-billing the company for supplied parts ($42 million), which was far more than the bided quote prices, were hidden or deflected by Mr. Bossany in exchange the Coles showered him with large amounts of cash, checks, properties, and gift cards.

But in all criminal situations someone falls under the radar and the mouth will talk.  Apparently, Mr. Bossany was under the radar and was charged with one count to commit honest service mail fraud (isn’t that a mouth-full and what is that “honest fraud”, really!), and money laundering. He was sentenced to 90 months in federal prison. I guess after sitting in a prison cell for a while, he realized he wanted to be free sooner than later, and made a deal with the feds to help trap the Coles. It was reported that he was wired and help get 19 conversations with the Coles, which were used at their trial to help convict them. The irony in this case is the judge, Mr. Bossany was before, was irate of his dishonesty in his case and did not honor the sentenced reduction the feds had agreed to in exchange for his cooperation in entrapping the Coles.

Mr. Coles was sentenced to 180 months (15 years), and Ms. Coles was sentenced to three years of probation.   The Judge went against the sentencing guideline, stating that Ms.Cole had merely gone along with her husband’s scheme and, in the judge’s words, “practiced willful blindness”, which was inconsistent with the jury’s findings that Ms. Cole had “voluntarily and intentionally” broken the law.

The federal prosecutors were irate at the judge’s actions and took the case to the Federal Court of Appeals, which upheld the jury conviction, but remanded the case back to the lower court, because it couldn’t rule on the punishment until it got “a fuller explanation of her sentence.”

This is a very interesting case and leaves one to wonder if maybe the judge knew Ms. Cole, and should have removed himself from the case. I’m sure he has had many females in his court before that had children that would be without a mother if sent to prison, yet he did. So, why did he take this big move for this defendant?  Wouldn’t it be thoughtful of all judges to offer all women that ‘second chance to be a better citizen’.

That brings me back to our mission and I mean our.  We need to spread the word against white-collar crimes, especially to professional women.  There is someone who needs to read these posts and understand the bad decision they are making when deciding to commit a crime. Will you help by telling someone about this site or purchase a T-shirt (only $12), wear it, and start a conversation in your community?Divas shirts

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