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Bank Teller-Steals From Customers Accounts!


“My, my my, now we have to check the banker who maybe taking us to the bank,” a  little sarcasm there, but after reading today post it is something to pay particular attention to.

     If you have been keeping up with these posts you know that we have some individuals working in the banking industry that have allowed the temptation of accessible money to lead them into a life of crime. Today’s CrimeDiva, Irene Quansah, 37, of Germantown, Md., has fallen into that temptation and it has led to a prison sentence of 24 months. (Remember whenever you deal with the banking industry it is automatically a federal offense– interstate commerce’s).

Apparently, Ms. Quansah was a bank’s teller coordinator and according to the legal complaint against her, she fraudulently withdrew funds from customers’ accounts and also failed to deposit customer’s funds when they were making a deposit. Sadly, most of the victims were elderly clients, who probably did not look at the deposit slips that were returned to them to assure their funds were properly deposited into their accounts.

Ms. Quansah was stated to have embezzled (Why don’t they just call it what it is, stealing?  White-Collar crimes have to have a more sophisticated label!), funds from November 2010 until July 2012 in the amount of $144,900. The way this crime was uncovered; the bank did a surprised audit and found that $87,900 was not accounted for. (I wonder how they came up with the figure of $144,900?). It was also reported that she had removed cash from cash deposits made by a restaurant at an ATM. It is stated that there was $35,700 unaccounted for. (That’s a lot of cash to be depositing in an ATM.) To add to her problems she filed her tax return and did not report the stolen money (Yes, they want you to report money you have stolen. Sounds crazy, but there are real criminals that know they can get extra time when they get caught and do files their illegal money – so they ‘can’t’ be charged with not filing or filing a false tax return).

In addition to, Ms. Quansah, having to do 2 years in a federal prison (camp), she has to pay $144,908 in restitution to the bank and $30,000 to the IRS–this includes the fines and penalty for not reporting.

We all have learned something today, check those bank slips ‘every time’ you make a deposit.  And if you have elderly persons in your family inform them to do the same.  Yes, we would like to think this is an isolated incident, but it’s more wide-spread then you think.

Since we are talking about bank . . . May I suggest that you will  find this short story “Password” (Click on the book to learn more), an interesting read: A smart youngwebPaswaor girl who loves the challenge of decoding computers firewalls and getting into protected sites finds herself on the wrong side of the law.  This is a situation that parents with computer whiz kids need to read and stay alert of.  If you are a Kindle Prime Member, you can read it free, for others, it’s only .99 to download on your eReader. If you don’t have an eReader have your local library download it in their eBooks selections.  Check it out; you just may learn something new that you can share with others.

Please read our mission statement and then tell someone else about this site. Our goal is to stop female involvement in white-collar crimes and stop them from going to prison. By sharing these events we hope to reach those that don’t realize the cost of these crimes for themselves and those that love them.  

Take a minute and scroll through some of our posts, you may be surprised what you learn. And finally, please visit this site again.



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