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$3.5 Million Bank Fraud Scheme gets woman prison time!



 As I read about today’s CrimeDiva, I felt such a weight of burden, because I wished I would have been able to get the word out to her of the terrible price she would have to pay for her involvement in this white-collar crime.  I was more disturbed because here we have another woman who’s probably a grandmother; she is well into her golden years and sadly, she is headed to prison. 

Today’s CrimeDiva is Linda Irene Rovetto, 69, of Lake County, FL. She was sentenced in federal court for her participation in a bank fraud conspiracy scheme. Ms. Rovetto pleaded guilty to Bank Fraud.

Ms. Rovetto was the owner of Florida Lakes Title & Closing, LLC. She and a few co-defendants diverted over $3.5 million of real estate escrow funds to a company owned by one of the co-defendant. Ms. Rovetto was sentenced to 42 months and ordered to pay $2,040,343 to the bank she defrauded, and she will be on supervised release for five years. [Have you guys noticed, of recent, the supervised release time for offenders, especially high-profile cases have increased from 3 to 5 years. This means; If you do anything illegal within that time period or before you are released from your probation officer you can be sent straight back to prison to complete the 5 years. That is actually 60 months more that an offender would be required to serve. The federal government, however, do have good time for those that live up to certain expectations]. 

This case is interesting in that there were very little details provided in the FBI report online.  In these kinds of cases when you have co-defendants someone usually gets less time for snitching on the other first . . . . Since, Ms. Rovetto is being sentenced first, makes me wonder.  Tomorrow the other defendant will be sentenced and that will answer the question – WHO?

If you are new to this site, I invite you to read our mission statement and more of these posts.  Once you understand our puspose, we would appreciate if you would tell someone else about the site. Our objective is to stop professional females from making the bad decision to commit a white-collar crime and going to prison.  You can also help by reading one or all the Women in Trouble books. If you are a Kindle Prime Member you can read them free, for others it is only .99.  These short stories, “Password and The Check;  will allow you some insight into how some women get involved in these white-collar crimes, (click on the book covers to learn more. New stories will be released next month. Or purchase a CrimeDiva T-shirt, (only $12), wear it and start a conversation. You never know who you may help!

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