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Gift Table Scheme Get Two Women Prison Time

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     The more I research for these posts the more I learn and I am often amazed at what I learn.

 The posting for today is the first of its kind that I have came across, “Gifting Table Scheme.” After reading through many articles about it and even one where a State Supreme Court Judge Nominee had given counsel to the defendants I’m still unsure the defendants were intentionally committing a crime.

According to the information I read, the gifting table was organized to run like an investment club . . . but there supposedly was a handbook given to each member that instructed how the organization was to function, in order to appear as if it was not an investment club/group, but a tax-free organization ran and operated by women to help women.

The organization was comprised of, what seemed to be, intelligent, educated, and middle-class women who were looking for ways to make money for various financial reasons. Membership into the organization was by invitation only and a ‘gift’ to the organization of $5,000, which the members were informed would net them $40,000.  As a member they were heavily encouraged to recruit, but to chose who they recruited wisely. In the event the woman they were trying to recruit was negative in any way about the organization they were to not pursue that individual.

That seemed clean enough, but the U.S. Department of Justice  with the Internal Revenue claim that today’s CrimeDivas, Donna Bello, 57 and Jill Platt, 65 were running a Gifting Table Ponzi Scheme.  A grand jury indictment shows that more than $5 million exchanged hands as more than 70 women made it to the top of the tables to cash out.

According to the records, the members were told not to deposit the money they earned in the bank (red flag), and if they had to to do so in small increments, so not to alert the IRS. [Any proper thinking person hearing something like this would conclude that something is not right.]

In the end the sisterhood ended with, Ms. Bello, being sentenced to 72 months  in federal prison and Ms. Platt to 54 months.

If you would like to read more about this story click here. It is stated they will appeal.webPaswaor

As I mentioned above, I was not sure if the intent of this ‘sisters of the table’ was meant to be an illegal scheme.  For the organization’s stated purpose it would have been a very good venture.  And, such an organization can be ran ‘legally’ with the right corporation filed under a (503c) click here to view   or contact an attorney.

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Feel free to confabutale with me or everyone by leaving a comment.

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