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Mail and Stuff, Scammed Tens of Thousands Out of $3.2 Million


     Today’s crime story, wow! All I could do was shake my head after reading the information about today’s CrimeDiva. We have a couple that should be enjoying their golden years relaxing and having fun with the grandchildren, but instead they will be spending a good portion of those golden years behind prison walls due to “Greed.”

As mentioned in our mission statement for this blog it is not our intent to belittle, or further disgrace these women, but to use their experiences as an example to inform others of what will occur to them if they cross that line and commit a crime, whether purposely or by dumb chance.

In researching today’s CrimeDiva, as I mentioned above, all I could do was shake my head. For the most part, I thought I was reading a movies script. I must admit I am shame to say that while reading all the articles on this crime I was laughing; it just seemed surreal: First, the defendant indicated that she was going to represent herself (this is a major federal criminal case, come on now), then she used the defense that she should not be in court because according to the computer the case was closed (why would it have been on the docket), she also claimed the judge had no jurisdiction over her (Interesting!), and then she argued that she was not the person in the complaint, because her name was not correctly spelled, (It was all in CAPS, not first letter caps for each name).

While in court, she and her husband insisted upon representing themselves as they kept injecting extraneous and irrelevant matter into the record to the point the irritated judge stopped the proceedings and ordered for the couple to undergo psychological evaluations, which they were found competent to stand trial. At some point the two fled the state, but within days were arrested in the state of Washington. They were found with six guns in the car. Unfortunately, the driver was a felon who was also arrested and charged with aiding and abetting.

Somewhere along the way the sister of Ms. Henningsen, decided to join in the business, which by the way was one of those work at home business that claim you can make thousands of dollars stuffing letters. She was sentenced to 37 months for her involvement.

At the end of all this humorous read from these court records and articles, our CrimeDiva, Sharon Jeannette Henningsen, 67, of Rudy, Arkansas and her husband were found guilty of one count of Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud and eighteen counts of Mail Fraud and will not be leaving prison until year 2021.

According to the records, Ms. Henningsen and her husband stole over $3.2 million from over 21 thousand unsuspecting people who were just looking for a way to earn extra money in today’s hard economy. The conviction of these defendants on all 19 counts shows the dedication of the U.S. Postal Inspectors and the U.S.  Evidence at trial showed that, Henningsen and her husband conducted a letter-stuffing scheme that resulted in over 21,000 individuals from across the United States mailing checks or money orders totaling approximately $3.2 million to the defendants from 2005-2007. The Defendants’ scheme consisted of mailing false and misleading solicitation letters to more than one million people throughout the United States inviting them to buy materials to stuff and mail envelopes to make money while working from home. The letters stated that a person could potentially earn up to $2,900 to $5,000 or more weekly by purchasing the envelope-stuffing program for prices ranging from $59 to $149. In fact, no individuals other than the Defendants profited from the scheme. Numerous individuals who responded to the solicitation lost money. The two defendants conducted these schemes out of their home in Rudy, Arkansas and under various names including Home Business Systems, Trail Head Options and Premier Solutions. Source: U.S. Department of Justice Western District of Ark.

As I sat back and thought about this case, Ms. Henningsen may have believed that what she/they were doing was perfectly legal, because what they did was what they were selling for other people to do, stuff a letter asking for money to be a part of stuffing mail to others in the same manner. As simple as that sounds it is illegal because of the promised revenue it promises is where the crime lies.

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Thanks for visiting this blog, I hope that you have learned something and my hopes are that you will start a conversation with others about the problem with white-collar crimes especially with females.  We can put a stop to this by educating people of the high risk of prison and everything dear and near to them being taken away.

If you enjoyed this posting why don’t you read one of DeVine short crime story.  It’s Free to Kindle Prime Member and only .99 to others. Read the Check or Password.  If you want to read an intriguing novel of chance read Trucker’s Nightmare and if you want to good laugh read ‘Humor from Behind the Walls’ about crazy prison situations that will have you laughing and shaking your head (available as eBook and print).

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