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Little White Lies ?


    Little white lies. I believe everyone tell one or two in their lifetime. But, what happens when a little white lie is actually a crime. As I have so often stated there’s a thin line that can change a situation to a crime.

Our CrimeDiva today is, Michelle Trapp, 40, of Mystic Island, New Jersey, who was charged with third-degree insurance fraud and fourth-degree falsifying records. No, this is not one of the Diva of Divas found on my site, but I thought I would include one of these lower level crime just to show that there is white-collar crimes on all levels.

According to the formal complaint filed against Ms. Trapp, she was at a Target store and while in the parking lot she allegedly slipped and fail. She went into the store and filed an incident report and filed an insurance claim. Now, this is where the crime lie, if the slip and fall is not true that is.

According to the Target corporation that presented a video tape,  Ms. Trapp entered the store parking lot, she parked, and then walked into the store, there was no slip and fall in the video. [Of course, we know that these video tapes can be edited. You understand what I mean, but for argument sake if it is true that she did not slip and fall she has commit a crime by attempting to make claim of a false situation and to get money for that situation.]

I don’t know if Ms. Trapp is unaware of modern technology, but it’s very obvious that there are cameras at these places. They are those round, black, and shiny bulb like fixtures on the light pole and throughout the stores. ‘Someone is always watching you, remember that!’

 These are third and fourth degree offenses, so she will probably not do any jail time, but if convicted she will have a criminal record. She will however, be eligible for expungement in five years that’s if New Jersey provide expungement; nearly every state does for non-violent crimes. But in the event Ms. Trapp has crossed the crime line,prior offense, before she just maybe facing some county jail time.

This is a senseless criminal act that shouldn’t be occurring and it is one of the reason I do this blog so that we can start confabulating about White-Collar crimes, especially those that are being committed by women who are the nurtures of the family.

If this is your first time reading a post on this site, I invite you to take a few more minutes and read a couple more, or read our mission statement and help get the word out against white-collar crime. If you enjoy reading crime stories check-out some of the DeVine Books to the left of this post. For Kindle Prime Member they are free to upload and read. Also, you can help us spread the word by purchasing a CrimeDiva’s T-shirt ($12), wear it and start a conversation. Divas shirts

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