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Women Sentenced to life for Life Insurance murder-for-hire scheme!


     The is the most malicious of any white-collar crime I have came across with a CrimeDiva, thus far.  It gave me a very sickening feeling in my guts to think that someone would want their spouse dead to get money.  That’s how bad greed can get!  It’s sad because money can only provide temporary material, superficial happiness, or comfort. To take a life for it, is inexcusable.  But that’s exactly what our CrimeDiva, Gina Scramuzza, of Northshore, Louisiana, did as she planned and was apart of murder-for-hire scheme to kill her husband to get the funds from an insurance policy she took out on him.  She pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of her husband, which occurred in 2009.

According to the records, Ms. Scramuzza hired three men to kill her husband, Mario Scramuzza, in their home in February 2009. The plan was to kill him in a way that would look like he had a heart attack. Ms. Scramuzza had taken out a life insurance policy on her husband prior to the killing. She alledgely drove the men to her home, where they waited inside for him. Once he returned home, one man, held a gun to his head while a second man held him down, and the third  bound him and strangled him to death.

In January 2012, a jury unanimously found the first suspect on trial, Luis Rodriguez-Hernandez, guilty of first-degree murder in the murder-for-hire scheme. He will face life in prison for the killing.

Ms. Scamuzza will be  sentenced and faces life in prison also. Surely she cannot believe that her actions for an insurance policy was worth everything she has lost, not only her husband but her freedom forever.


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