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Prison Employee Sentenced for Racketeering!

  Aprison     “Wow, you would think by working in a prison that a person would never do anything to be an inmate in one of those places. It’s unfortunate that individuals don’t realize the thin line they walk each day that could quickly make them a prisoner to the system; by fault of their own and by chance.”

Today’s CrimeDivas, Debbie Lynn Wright,  was an employee at the Georgia Department of Corrcetion, and was found guilty of one count of racketeering ( learn about that crime)  for her role in a scheme to steal money from the State of Georgia. She was  sentenced to ten years but will  serve two in prison and has to pay $27,500.00 in resitution.

Ms. Wright was an employee of the prison working as a senior clerk, she was also the designated timekeeper responsible for making manual entries for all hourly employees. Her daughter, Christin Lynn Wright, was employed as an administrative assistant and Paul Sylvester Thornhill work as a licensed practical nurse at the prison.

Ms. Wright devised then defrauded the State of Georgia by entering false information into the time clock, which resulted in Mr.Thornhill and Christin Wright being paid for overtime hours that they did not work. In  Mr.Thornhill’s case,  he received double and triple payments for working the same hours.

In this scheme, Mr.Thornhill and Christin Wright  received stolen property (money) as a result of, Debbie Wright’s, illegal entries. The money was either directly deposited into various bank accounts of Christin Wright and Mr.Thornhill and checks cashed or deposited by Christin Wright and Mr. Thornhill. Christin Wright and Mr. Thornhill would then return the money to Debbie Wright, or would pay bills on her behalf, and then would retain the balance for their own use.

It’s stated that Christin Wright received approximately $14,000.00 in unearned compensation and  Mr. Thornhill received $129,000.00 in unearned compensation.

The case was investigated after a whistleblower complaint and then at the request of the warden.  The three employment was terminated within two weeks of the allegations.

Prosecution of Christin Wright and Mr.Thornhill, are pending.

Ms. Wright’s actions were wrong.  This is the kind of situation you think no one’s going to know about and definitely nothing that you think would land you in prison, but as we now know, it can and will.

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Don’t forget to check in on tomorrow’s post, a very unusual white-collar crime. First, I heard of it.


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