Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Stealing Credit “Lives”!


“The double nature of man, as the being that is both brought forth from “below” and sent from “above,” results in the duality of his basic characteristics.” “Martin Buber

  The post for today is the basic and most important reason it is important to safeguard your personal information. I personally think there should be some other system other than using social security numbers to identify a person, especially with the internet in play. I have posted several articles on identity theft, when you have time scroll through and read some of these cases in which individuals have obtained and used others personal information and rude their credit.

Today’s CrimeDiva is, Falon D. Lyle, 31, of Bowie. Ms. Lyle was a tax preparer and according to the records she used the information from two clients whom she had assisted. She applied and obtained bank accounts, credit cards and line of credits in these individuals names. Accumulating over $46,000 in funds. She was sentenced to four years in prison (State Charge) and has to pay the bank/creditors back the money.

Here are some suggestions when dealing with tax filing companies or individuals:

1. When using these services  you do not have to provide your personal information such as date of birth, and social security number, not even your dependent’s information. This is not needed for them to complete the form. You can fill in that information after it is completed and mail the forms off with a peace of mind.

2. Many of us like to put all necessary information down on paper in an organized manner to save time and provide these people with it, don’t put your personal information on any documents.

3. Also, when completing job application in person and providing this information. You do not have to provide your personal information up front. You can inform the interviewer that you will provide it if hired. Also, if you do complete an application and it has your personal information and not hired, there is nothing wrong with asking for the form back. Politely inform them that you do not want to become a victim of identity theft.

4. Check your accounts weekly, make it a habit, because most institutions have cut-off when they will no longer allow a claim. If you do find something that you did not authorize notify the bank or creditor right away via:  telephone, in person and especially in writing. Keep notes of who you spoke with, day, time and what was said.

It only take a few minute for someone to steal your credit life, but can take many years for ‘You’ to get it back.


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