Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Guns and White Collar Crimes- Modern Day Robbery!

guns  Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde?

“It is America’s first freedom, the one that protects all the others. Among freedom of speech, of the press, or religion, of assembly, of redress of grievances, it is the first among equals.  It alone offers the absolute capacity to live without fear. The right to keep and bear arms is the one right that allows rights to exist at all.” Charlton Heston

     Interesting thought, “right to bear arms”! I wonder if today’s CrimeDiva and her conspirator purchasing guns was to ensure those south of the border were able to live without fear, or for the opposite cause?

This is a new one for us, that is, to hear about a violent element connected to a white-collar crime. No it is not a bank robbery per-se. But today’s crimediva was involved in multi-criminal acts, and one involved guns.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Yadira Mauricio Ybarra, 38, of San Antonio, TX was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison for her role in a conspiracy which involved the purchase of machine guns that were headed to Mexico. According to official records, Ms. Ybarra and 24 year-old, Willy Mendoza, paid $10,000 to an undercover agent and took possession of ten firearms–4 fully automatic machine guns and 6 semi-automatic assault rifles. These are some serious firearms. I am surprised they did not get more time for this.

In addition to the gun charges, Ms. Ybarra pled guilty to conspiring with others to steal approximately $130,000 by “forging signatures of various account holders” (This is why it is important to check your bank accounts often) at the Wells Fargo Bank, Las Palmas branch, in San Antonio. She was ordered to pay all the money back and will be on three years supervised released upon her release from prison.

Of all the crime stories I have posted so far, this one disturbs me the most. That is the gun part and knowing the violence that could and more than likely would have occurred with the weapons, being that they were headed south of the border into Mexico where drugs related violence is occurring. Originally, she would not have been posted on this site; however, this has a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde twist to it, which is the new way of bank robbery–that is with a pen or a few punches of a computer key.

For her criminal acts she will be spending over seven years in prison, with three years of supervised release, which means if she breaks any laws or rules she can be sent back to prison for up to three years and she has to pay the $130,000 back. More than likely this is not the first time for this act and if it was, what bad luck!  In the end it was all for nothing. Now, she has: a criminal record, can “NEVER” be in possession of a firearms, which according to, Charlton Heston, is an American most important right and safe guards all the other right, and all the other disadvantages that comes along with crossing the line.

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