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Faking an illness gets woman 41 months in prison


What we won’t do for money.  Unfortunate for the CrimeDivas of the day who faked an illness to deceit, but at the end ended up having a rare blood disorder.  That however, did not change the judge’s mind about sending her to prison.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Jennifer Lynn Eden, 33, lied about dying from cancer to cash in on $500,000 in insurance money.  The crime was carried out over eight years (2003 to 2011).  Ms. Eden obtained life insurance policies for herself, and then falsely claimed to be dying from leukemia. She would either apply for an early payment on her death benefits from the insurer or sell the policies to a broker, who resold them to investors in Asia. In all, her deceit netted her more than $1.4 million, authorities said.  The judge gave her 41 months in prison and ordered her to repay the money for her crime of mail fraud.

At the sentencing, Ms. Eden, lifted her left sleeve, revealing a black-and-blue bruise on her arm, an apparent result of a rare blood disorder she now suffers from, but it’s Eden’s fictitious claims about being diagnosed with terminal leukemia that led to her be arrested in the first place.

She is sick now, with a blood disorder that causes mini-strokes and can impair mental functioning, according to a neuropsychologist’s testimony. But that wasn’t enough to keep her out of prison.

You know I have learned you have to be careful and thoughtful of the things you do and  think, because they can come to life.


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