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Attorney get 51 months – $102 million scam!


“We should expect the best and worst from mankind, as from the weather.” Vauvenargues

     I think it is very common for us to have expectations and perceptions that individuals in certain positions should adhere to a higher moral standard than the common person . . . . If you have been keeping up with the posts on this blog and those on the CrimeDivas website you know by now that a person’s position, as far as career, has little to do with their moral compass. Therefore, when we read that judges, attorneys, doctors and other high level professionals have committed a crime we should not be surprised that they too are just human and have the same human weaknesses as we all do.

In saying that the CrimeDiva for today is, Seung E. Oh, 44, a former settlement attorney, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and money laundering and was sentenced to two -51 months in prison to be serve concurring.

According to records, Ms. Oh, was the owner of an Annandale title company, and worked with a business man, to pull off the scheme, by the name Joon Park who was the owner of Jade Capital. Jade Capital secured loans for buying or refinancing small businesses. Mr. Park was convicted in the scam and sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Ms. Oh’s, title company worked with Park to conduct fraudulent closings in 12 transactions that totaled over $11 million between 2008 and 2011, according to official records. Ms. Oh fronted Jade Capital clients’ funds to make it appear that they qualified for loans when they did not. “SBA underwriters approved $102 million in business loans brokered by Jade Capital based on fraudulent bank statements, checks, gift letters, resumes and tax returns that made it appear as if the borrowers had invested money in the businesses.”

Ms. Oh law license was revoked in Virginia. She was also ordered to pay more than $3.5 million in restitution to the SBA, and $11 million in a money judgment.

Ms. Oh troubles do not stop there, she has another criminal case for mortgage fraud, which she pled guilty too and awaiting sentencing.

It’s it interesting that the crime is – ‘conspiracy to commit.’ When in fact the crime was committed.  You will find the conspiracy included in the crime when there is more than one defendant involved in the crime.

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