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Woman swindle businessman out of $2 million!


     Today’s CrimeDiva, Huni Wang, of Laguna Niguel, CA  was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for swindling a Vancouver businessman out of $2 million that was intended to help with a Vancouver tech startup. Ms. Wang was also ordered to pay back the $2 million.

Wang’s scheme began in 2007, when a Vancouver businessman seeking venture capital for his tech startup reached her online at Grand Capital Financial. She promised to help him secure up to $200 million for his business, but required an upfront deposit fee of $2 million, which was to be held in her account for 30 days to prove to potential investors it was a good deal. The businessman secured the $2 million form a Portland resident and wired the funds to Ms. Wang, who spent the money to pay off two mortgages, and then purchased another home in Texas along with two more vehicles. Investors never materialized and the businessman reported the situation to authorities.

The angry U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall, said in a news statement, “People who lie to cheat others out of their hard-earned money in fraud schemes such as this will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Did anyone learn anything here? If not, let’s put it plainly, check the company out.  If you are unable to obtain verification and references from current and previous clients, or information from a government agency concerning the company do not do business with that company/person. I would also not have any funds transferred to anyone – if a company work practices are based on what you have, make sure you are the one holding it, not them.  Let’s use some common sense.  When you go to the bank to get a loan to purchase a house and they require you to invest, say 20% of the cost,  they do not require you to give them the 20%  up front to see if they will approve the loan.  Remember –  anyone can set-up or have a professional looking web-site build and have a phone number connected to it; example, a Google number, which you can have a number from any city you wish. Be mindful and don’t be deceived based on appearance. Stay alert, especially if you have ANYTHING to lose.

Over the weekend, or when you have a free moment scroll through this site and read some of the articles, you may be  surprised what you will learn.

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