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International wire fraud!


                       Michigan Woman Sentenced For Role  In International Wire Fraud Conspiracy

     “They say we are all connected and we are more so with the Internet than you can imagine.”

Just days ago I posted an article that was connected to another post regarding Western Union and Money Gram.  Here we are with another international wire fraud scheme via of the internet.

The CrimeDiva of the day is, Renee Britton, 25, of Taylor, MI.  Her legal conviction is not so much the high-profile type I usually post, but I believe that is only because she was caught early in the game, which is probably a good thing for her and spared her from actually going to prison. Ms. Britton was convicted of wire fraud and sentenced to eight months of home confinement, three years of probation and ordered to pay $27,736 in restitution (I guess this was her compensation for her involvement).

Ms. Britton was a part of a group that was running a scheme on victims who had applied for  loans over the Internet.  The financial lenders appeared to be legitimate, but were in fact virtual companies operated by scammers in Canada. The victims were required to pay an up-front fee and were led to believe that they would receive the loan proceeds. They never received the loans or a refund. The over 2700 victims have lost more than $3.5 million. So far, 21 individuals have been arrested in connection with this fraud scheme.

I find this whole ordeal frightening, because I am sure that these dummy financial lenders were collecting person information like social security number, date of birth, driver license information and other private information that they and/or others can illegally use.  Be very careful when doing any business on the Internet; check with government offices, the Better Business Bureau  and other legitimate agencies to see if the company is operating according to law and have no complaints against it.

Have you read, Password.  This very short story is a memoir of a high school girl who had the skills and passion for breaking into restricted boundary known as firewalls and other protective software on the internet, but finds herself in deep trouble.  This is based on a trouble story and I believe is very helpful to parents who have overzealous computer children.  It is free to Amazon Kindle Premium Readers, and only .99 to others.  Or purchase a T-Shirt, $11.99, to help  spread the message against white-collar crime.Divas shirts


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