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Judge order woman to gambling therapy in prison!


“The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.”

How sad it is to hear that a middle-age woman has fallen victim to the allure of gambling. Addictions, there are so many of them and I would suggest are at the center of white-collar crimes. Yes, I know you would say that’s an excuse, and it is at first, but once a person get caught-up in the game it becomes an addiction until they hit rock-bottom just like all addictions that generally lead many to prison.

That’s exactly what happened to the CrimeDiva of the day, Lori Ann Caruso, 40, of Westland, MI. Ms. Caruso was employed with International Door Company and American Industrial Door from 2007 through 2011 and used her position to redirected funds to her personal bank accounts and used the company credit cards until she was caught.  Stealing to gamble totally up to the sum of over $600,000 lost to the company.

It was discovered that she had a gambling problem, a good way to get time reduction when you have an addiction that lead to your white-collar crime.  She was sentenced to 33 months in the federal prison and has to pay the money back and attend gambling therapy while she is in prison. I’m not sure where the judge receive  his/her information that this services was available in prison, especially with the massive budget cuts throughout the prison systems, inmates are lucky they are getting the GED classes.

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