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Shopping put her in prison!


“Our desires always increase with our possessions; the knowledge that something remains yet unejoyed, impairs our enjoyment of the good before us.” Samuel Johnson

     This week I have put up several posts where the CrimeDivas were charged by the state for their criminal actions and my reasoning was to make viewers aware of the very different standards of punishments the two separate legal systems have. As I have pointed out the states are far more harsher when dealing with white-collar crimes. Again the reasons are based on the type of crime and the criminal guidelines that are in place for that particular crime. When committing a crime that involves the federal government in any way the person is most likely going to be prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department. Crimes that involves things such as:  Banks – wire fraud, post office – mail fraud, social security/SSI, Medicaid/Medicare, IRS – tax-fraud and etc.

The CrimeDiva for today, April Miller,51, of Roseto, Penn.  Ms. Miller was charged with embezzling over $300,000 and was sentenced to serve one to five years behind bars and 12 years of probation for writing 79 checks to herself with the company’s checkbook.   One to five does not sound like a lot of time, but here’s the catch – Ms. Miller was ordered to pay the roofing company she worked for $20,000 a year, and if she miss a payment she could serve up to 17 years in prison.  Now, according to the records Ms. Miller was stealing to cover her shopping addiction.  The prosecutors had made a plea deal with her to put a lien on her $70,000 house and have her sale it, and for her to do one – two years, but they found out there was already a lien on the house.

Let’s think about the reality of Ms. Miller, a 51 year-old-woman who has been convicted of theft being able to secure employment, especially in her field of training – bookkeeper, that will afford her the ability to make a  living to provide for herself  and pay $1667 monthly to the courts . . . . This is already a set-up for failure.  If you would like to read the entire story about this case click here.

If you are someone who’s going through a similar situation that could lead you to criminal charges, stop and get help.  As you viewers know by now once a person cross the line it becomes an addiction.  Also, for others be aware of the love ones in your life.  Are they really making the money they say they are?  Have you seen their pay checks, tax returns?  Are they spending money like they have a money tree?  Check and make sure there are no secrets that could tear your world apart, because that is exactly what these types of crimes do.

Enjoy your weekend and if you have a free moment while relaxing go to and check out Password – DeVine  or The Check- DeVine, they are free to Kindle Prime Members or .99 to everyone else.  Also, help support our fight against white-collar crime, by purchasing and wearing the CrimeDiva T-Shirt. The t-shirts cost under $12, me make $2 and use the money to send newsletters all over the country to inmates.  Thanks



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