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I HATE Criminals – Confession!

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“Anger yes, but not hatred.  A man remains in ignorance as long as he hates.  I hate what someone does, but I don’t hate him.” Buck O’Neal

     I received this email from a very hurt victim, and as I mentioned in my mission I want to share it all –  the defendants crime, the harm to the victims, confessions, true stories, so that we can put a stop to these crimes that are destroying so many lives on both sides. I invite you to read this woman’s letter of how crime has damaged her life and afterward read my comment to her.

Dear Ms. DeVine,

My name is Ashley and I’m from Florida. I came across your blog when I was looking up the name of the person who stole my identity. This person has ruined by life. I hate criminals, all of them and I think they should leave them all in prison and never allow them out, and I mean never.

This horrible woman somehow got a hold of my SSN and other personal information, and then applied for credit cards, and even purchased a car in my name. I had no ideal about any of this until I started getting calls from a credit collection agency. I told the person they must he mistaken, because I stayed away from credit cards. The caller informed me that they were going to sue me if I didn’t pay. I then had my credit report sent to me and found out about all the outstanding accounts this person had used under my name. I had to hire an attorney to keep the creditors away until matters could be handled, and it is taking forever to get the credit reporting agencies to investigate and half-way allow me some relief. It will take more time to get it all cleared up.

After I found out who this person was, I went to court  to make sure that she was given the most time the law would allow. The worse thing was, not only had she done this with me but a whole lot of other folks.These people need to be locked away forever. I hate them.

I don’t know what to make of your blog. You announce these terrible people and their crimes, but at the same time want people to be understanding. How can you understand someone stealing your life from you; ruining your life. I hope you will post this on your blog so that these people will know just how terrible they are for doing what they do.

Ashley, first thank-you for reading my blog.  I can appreciate your point of view after going through what you have and will continue to go through.  Identity theft is a hard situation to live through and it is understandable that you’re hurt and feel a great deal of pain.  With the help of an attorney I hope you are well on your road to recovery in getting your life back.

Ashley, instead of using all your energy hating, are you doing anything to help others not become a victim.  If not, you made your first step today by writing to me about this unfortunate situation that happened to you.  Talk to others, attend functions where you can learn and share your knowledge, and start your own blog to help others learn to protect themselves and what to do to recover if something like this happens to them.

For those of you who may have or God forbids will go through this kind of situation the Federal Trade Commission has an excellent site that informs consumers on how to deal with identity theft from the beginning to the end.  Click here to go to that site.



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