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Doctor sent to prison for $43 Million Fraud Scheme

Dr. Kiran Sharma

 “Today more than ever before life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation, but  human to human.” Dalai Lama

     The CrimeDiva of the day is, Dr. Kiran Sharma, 60, who practiced in Baytown and Webster, Texas. Dr. Sharma and her husband were convicted of conspiracy to commit health care and mail fraud, and ordered to repay over $43,000,000 back.

According to the complaint, the couple billed health care providers for injections procedures they did not perform.

Dr. Kiran Sharma hired several foreign medical graduates over the course of the conspiracy to assist in movement of patients through the clinics. Several of the graduates were assigned to help add the fictitious patient information after Arun Sharma had add non-existent medical procedures to the blank form so that the insurance companies could be billed as if the person had been to the clinic, but in reality had not. Dr. Kiran Sharma witnessed the graduates creating the fictitious patient procedure notes and knew the purpose was to illegally bill the insurance companies. This billing scheme went on from 1998 – 2005. It wasn’t until June 2009 that the couple was charged.

It was not indicated how the scam came to light, but when a practice usually sees 50-60 patients a day, and that number quickly soars to almost 279 a day I’m sure that sent the red lights flashing somewhere.

As with all these types of cases, the government seized everything from real estate, bank and other accounts, to the jewelry laying on the Chester.

Dr. Kiran Sharma was sentenced to 8 years in prison, and her husband to 15 years. According to official records, they were both sent to prison from the day they entered their guilty pleas. I find this interesting, because the feds usually allow you time to get your affairs in order, unless they consider you to be a flight risk.

If you have been keeping up with this blog, or the news you may think this is nothing new. People are committing these illegal acts of greed all the time. However, when we have people who are supposed to be looked upon as role models, or with high esteem that are succumbing to these criminal behaviors, which by the way is so destructive to their lives and the effects it causes to society in the long run, we have to stop and ask, “What is going on that is causing this?” We need to start confabulating and coming up with some plans that can help before these crimes are committed. Creating laws that dish out more prison time is not the answer. It would simply be a repeat of the “War on Crime,” which proved ineffective in the long-run. We now have overcrowded prisons that are financial burdens to states and the federal government, but the sale and use of drugs have not stop nor decreased.

We have to get the message to people to stay honest and do the right thing. We must show them the damaging resolves if they do otherwise.  A doctor and society have much more to lose than a drug dealer hanging on the street corner.

We can make a difference! Someone in your life right now maybe caught-up in this greed addiction and you would not have a cue. Here are ‘some’ signs:

          * Their pay doesn’t equal to the lifestyle they are living.
          * They do not disclose all their financial information.
         * The 1040 tax return stated income doesn’t match what they
           are spending.
         * The person has major credit cards with high spending
           limits that are paid in full most of the time.
         * The person makes large purchases and pay in full.

The signs above do not necessarily mean a person is committing a crime, but are some signs for those that maybe. If you are a spouse, or love one remember that white-collar crimes are secrets so pay attention. You don’t want to see that person you love end up in prison and their life including your’ destroyed.


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