Woman with 7th grade education – smart enough to get $2.2 millions from IRS


“You don’t realize that you’re intelligent until it gets you into trouble.” James Baldwin

     Today’s CrimeDiva of the day is, Rashia Wilson, of Tampa, FL. Ms. Wilson has got to be one of the boldest Crime Diva’s I have came across.

This woman with a seventh grade education defrauded the IRS out of $2.2 million dollars via filing false income tax returns. What made her bold, she posted on her Facebook page: “IM’ A MILLIONAIRE FOR THE RECORD SO IF U THINK INDICTING ME WILL BE EASY IT WONT I PROMISE U!” I guess she was bold and stupid, because that was a bad move challenging the federal government. Months later she was indicted on a weapon charge and a few months after that she was indicted on 57 counts of tax fraud.

In addition to her pleading guilty, she had to give up most of those things she purchased with those millions and is now facing 22 years in federal prison for the tax fraud cases.  In addition to facing weapon charges.

Ms. Wilson, is not the typical CrimeDiva, though she was smart enough to defraud the IRS via of filing false tax claims using other’s people identity, she would otherwise not fit the profile, but due to the money amount she’s in the club. If you would like to read more details about her case click here.

The judge in this case was questioning the IRS system.  How are people filing these large tax claims and are getting the money in the first place?   Take anyway the problem within the system and you can eliminate the temptation.

Now,  back to our mission, ‘not to belittle or degrade anyone.’ It is our hope that Ms. Wilson will at some point see the error of her ways and realize the great wrong she has committed and when she does we hope she will allow us to help her heal.

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