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Felon Doctor gets a second chance


No human being is so bad as to be beyond redemption ” – Gandhi

All white-collar crimes are not money related as you will see in the article below. This particular article is not about a CrimeDiva, but the message I thought was appropriate for the CrimeDivas mission – of healing.

For whatever reason this young doctor made a foolish decision which involved using his legal ability to write prescription for hard drugs for himself and others. In the process he lost his license to practice and was sent to prison for a year and a month. The state of Iowa has decided to give him a second chance at his career with some stipulations. I think that is great. We all make bad decisions in our lives for one reason or another. After we pay the consequences we should be able to get our lives back. Like in the game of ice hockey, when a player is pulled out the game and sent to the penalty box and his time is up he is allowed back in the game without restriction of playing. Of course, life is far more important than ice hockey, but nonetheless, I believe you should be able to reclaim your life in full at some point. Read the article below:

A Kansas physician who served a federal prison sentence for writing false prescriptions for 30,000 doses of narcotics has received permission to practice medicine in Iowa.

The Iowa Board of Medicine said Wednesday that it has granted a temporary medical license to Steven Ringel, 39. The board said Ringel practiced family medicine in Kansas before being accused in 2004 of writing numerous fraudulent prescriptions for hydrocodone, an addictive painkiller.

The board said Ringel wrote the prescriptions to fictitious patients, then used the drugs himself or allowed other people to use them. He pleaded guilty to a federal felony drug-conspiracy charge in 2005, and he served a year and a month in prison, the board said.

Ringel surrendered his Kansas and Iowa medical licenses around the time of his guilty plea, but he later asked Iowa authorities to reinstate him. Ringel completed an independent evaluation of his competency in 2010, and the Iowa board agreed last week to grant him a temporary license, records show.
The board put him on probation for five years with several conditions, including that he participate in a state program for doctors with addiction problems, that he have another doctor oversee his practice, and that he continue participating in education programs.

Mark Bowden, the board’s executive director, said he was unsure if Ringel intends to start practicing medicine in Iowa soon. In an emailed statement, he said Ringel had demonstrated that he deserved another chance at being a physician.

“He got into trouble in his early 30s when he was just starting his medical career. The board took appropriate action in 2005 when he surrendered his license, and subsequently in 2010 when it determined that Dr. Ringel could pursue licensure if certain conditions were met,” Bowden wrote. “The board believes it has put in place the appropriate safeguards to ensure that Dr. Ringel will practice with reasonable skill and safety. The board will ultimately have to approve any employment.”

The case comes amid rising concern about abuse of addictive drugs. In 2011, Iowa saw 62 overdose deaths from narcotics. A decade ago, the state saw just a handful of such deaths per year.


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