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Check Kiting Scheme – $2.8 Million – Gambling!


“Addiction is the disease of our age. It is cunning and powerful. It proceeds from our chronic hunger and is nourished by our focus on getting and spending, and on news and gossip outside ourselves. Everything we need is happening within us. The focus on reports of others is only a distraction from the needs of our own spirit. Addiction grows fat from our chronic quashing of the inner life. We believe the spiritual does not exist because we have made insufficient space for it to manifest in our lives. A self-fulfilling tautology.” – Erica Jong

Today’s Crime Divas, Laura Dejong, 54 of Liberty, MO, has been charged with embezzling over $2.8 million dollars via a very clever check kiting scheme, and the feds are putting the cherry topping on by charging both her and her husband with filing a false tax return.

My, my, my . . . Laura was a busy diva.  Her working history goes back 23 years with the company she is alleged to embezzled.  It is reported that the illegal activities started back in 2003, working for Kamas City Screw Products, Inc as the?  You guessed it – bookkeeper/office manager.  She allegedly forged checks drawn on the company’s bank account.

Ms. Delong’s alleged crime entailed what is known as check kiting, which is a form of bank fraud.  This crime occurs when a person writes a check for a greater value than the bank balance (oh yes, many people do this, but not to this degree) from one account at one bank, and then write another check from another bank that also has non-sufficient funds with the purpose of the second check serving to cover the non-sufficient funds in the first account, the floating activity – up in the air like a kite, waiting to clear.  It falsely inflates the balance of an account, which allows more checks to be written that would otherwise ‘bounce.’  If the account is not replenished – there lies the fraud, this is also known as paper hanging.

According to the reports, these activities went on for over seven years.  Can you imagine all the work that went into keeping up with all that writing checks, writing more checks, watching for what has cleared and scared as hell that you are going to get caught . . . for over seven years.

Ms. Dejong did like most Crime Divas; she spent the money on the luxuries her $30,000 income could not provide:  Boats, cars, big house, expensive trips, and season passes to sports events – you know the good life!

Ms. Dejong is the first of our Crime Divas that has an additional addiction, other than money.  It seems she had a thing for the slot machines.  Stealing money and gambling is a lethal mixture – no stopping it that is.  So the check kiting scheme kept the pathological gambling behavior going and vise-versa.  You know – that thinking that the next bet or slot machine gamble was going to pay-off so they keep it going to get that big pay-off . . . . However, whenever dealing in a game of chances the odds are almost always against you.

Unfortunately, this story has an ugly twist to it, Laura’s poor husband.  The couple, like most couples file joint income tax returns.  By not filing the illegal begotten money as income a tax fraud charge has also been added – which drew her husband into the crime.  I find that interesting that is, if they reported that income there would be no income tax fraud charges, wow!  It’s illegal to get the money via of check kiting, but is legal to report it on your taxes.  What a set-up – whose about to do that?  So on top of the $2.8 million the Dejongs owe the IRS over $480,000 and you better believe the government plans to get their first.

The Kansas City Screw Products, Inc. is suing the Dejongs and the banks that permitted the check kiting activities to go on unchecked.

At the end of the day everyone involved have lost.   The Dejongs will lose everything they own, go to prison and then deal with all the collateral sentencing that not only comes from imprisonment, but will have to deal with all the negatives society will place upon them afterward. The small Kansas City business has lost a great deal of money, which may cause the closing of the company.  The government will have to pay to prosecute the couple, and then turn around and fund their imprisonment.  Trust between the couple, their family, and employers have been lost.

          This is the bigger picture of white-collar crime!


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