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Woman Steals $356,000 from Aminal Hospital!

V hosp

“Men are so simple and so ready to obey present necessities, that one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” Machiavelli

          Today’s Crime Divas is Trisha L. McLaughlin, 36 of Newton Township, charged with embezzling over $356,000 from Newtown Veterinary Hospital where she was the practice’s manager.

trisha          Among the alleged charges she faces first degree felony charges for dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, second degree felony forgery for unauthorized act in writing, and third degree felonies of theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property.

          The investigation was set-off by the owner’s bank that notified him of a discrepancy involving Ms. McLaughlin withdrawing $4700 from the owner’s Money Market account without his authorization. She was fired for misappropriation of funds, though she claimed she did not take anything and asked that no charges be filed against her, and not to be denied her unemployment benefit.

          At the time Ms. McLaughlin, as the manager, had complete access, use and control of the hospital’s financial accounts including bank, credit cards, ledgers and computer software.

          After the owner’s personal investigation he went to the police to file a formal complaint that Ms. McLaughlin had embezzled about $80,000 for the veterinary hospital, but at the time the officials completed their investigation she had allegedly embezzled over $356,000. As in most of these situations, she had spent the money on personal purchases such as: home heating oil, to gift certificates.

          When individuals commit these white-collar crimes I believe they are unaware of the multiple charges that they could be faced with. As with Ms. McLaughlin there were four charges that came out of her acts of theft, and I’m sure the authorities could have come up with more if they wanted to. Each of these charges carry a separate sentence, which if found guilty could be required by the judge to be served consecutively – often before it gets to this stage the prosecutors and the defendant’s attorney have come up with a compromised plead deal in exchange for a guilty plea by the defendant, usually for a lesser charge in which less time would be required to be served on the sentencing charge. In the event, the defendant decides to do something foolish and take their case to trial they usually end up being found guilty of all charges and given the maximum time for each charge, more for expending more tax-payer money for the trial.

As you can see when one is committing white-collar crimes (any crime) the act itself have multiple consequences.

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