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“There is no man so good that if he placed all his actions and thoughts under the scrutiny of the laws, he would not deserve hanging ten times in his life.” – Montaigne



          The following is a submission from a woman that was convicted of a white-collar crime.  I think it is important for people to see the big picture behind these acts that destroys so many lives.  She could be anyone that is why it is important that we talk with and pay attention to those in our lives.  You never know who is caught-up in an illegal situation . . . . As you read these stories, I believe you will start to see that it is an addiction once the person gets involved.

          I want to thank Ruth from New Hampshire for being brave enough and caring enough to help others by sharing her situation with us.  I hope that this will allow others who have been involved in these legal situations to share their lives with us also.

 Hey DeVine,

My name is Ruth; I live in a small community in New Hampshire.  It is very hard for me to begin to tell you of the nightmare I have been living.  I came across your site by accident.  I remember quickly reading one of the posts.  I felt angry that you were putting people’s unfortunate business out there like that.  It’s bad enough that the local people know, but your site put it in international spotlight.  For several weeks after reading your blog, I became curious of what is going on and found myself searching the internet for persons being charged, convicted and sentenced to prison.  It was sickening and an awakening for me.  There were so many and I started to understand what you were trying to do.

For some reason I decided to visit your site again, and my heart ached to read more about this sickness that like me, so many other women are going through and I understand your drive to help expose this thing.  I noticed that you kept asking viewers to tell someone and asked for people to share their stories.  Well, that is what I have decided to do.

Many, many years ago, I started working at a bank as a teller.  I was married at a very early age and the guy I married turned out to be an alcoholic and physically abusive, but I loved him deeply.  When his drinking got really heavily he would spend all of his money, which was supposed to help pay the bills.  I remember we were about to get thrown out of our small house.  I was at work one day and saw an opportunity to take the money that would keep this from happening. When no one was looking I stole several hundred dollars.  This happened long before all the computerization that we have with the computers and banking now.  It was easy to change some numbers here and there and no one knew the difference.

As you probably can guess, when the next crisis occurred I did the same thing and the crisis’ kept coming and I kept taking.  In time, I moved up into a management position with the bank, which only provided the opportunity for me to steal more and more often, but there were no crisis I was stealing because I wanted to buy some item I probably would not have, had I not been stealing.  It got really bad, every time I had an opportunity to steal I did and I took more and more.  The only time I would slack-up was when there was an audit and I would be scared to death.  I couldn’t sleep or eat.  I was nervous and on the edge in fear of getting caught, but as soon as the audit was over and things were back to normal I was back to moving money around in many accounts and then taking what I wanted.

I moved up to become the vice-president of an international bank and was earning over six figure, this did not matter I kept going back to what I had been doing for years, moving money around and taking what I wanted.  And yes, I brought a big expensive home, not one, but two and the cars, jewelry and went on trips all over the world, and was still with my husband who was still drinking.

I am now ashamed to say I did this for over thirty years.  While I was away for a month’s long vacation the bank installed a new state of the art computer system.  It was, however, not at the bank where my office was located, but my understanding is that they were all connected.  And as you can guess my old tricks caught up with me and my crime was exposed.

I was at work when the FBI came in and stated they had a warrant for my arrest. I was handcuffed and carried off in an unmarked car.  I was placed in a filthy cell where there was a metal toilet in the cell and three other women with no privacy.  I had to put on that orange jumpsuit you see prisoners wear on television.  The judge allowed me to post a bond.  The next morning my name was all over the newspapers and on the breaking news story on television.  It was unbelievable.  The press was knocking on the door.  My husband was cursing like a sailor at them, but the crazy thing about this my husband had drank all of our marriage.  I do not recall a day when he had not had something to drink, but from the day I was arrested he has not touched any alcohol since.

I had to hire a high price attorney to represent me.  And it was not long before I received papers that the government was seizing everything I owned. At trial, they say I embezzled over six million dollars over the years.  I don’t know if I did, or didn’t.  I was not keeping a record.  I accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to four years in a federal prison, which to me was like going to hell.  It was a living nightmare.  It was very much like that story you wrote in The Check.  I wanted to die and thought I was going to being in my mid sixties.  All I can say is it is not a place I would want my worst enemy to go.  All those crime stories on television it’s like that, but worst!

Those were the hardest years of my life and my health has declined due to the prison conditions.  I know many people think I should have gotten more time, some even think they should have never let me out.  In many ways I’m still locked up, but just not in the prison prison, but the prison of my life.  I feel so much shame and guilt that there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not in tears.

We relocated to another community and I’m sure as nosey as people are today with all that information online that they know who I am and what I did, so I’m afraid to make friends due to my shame and fear of people being judgmental of what I did, and I’m not looking for pity or anyone to forgive me when I can’t forgive myself.

I thought I would be able to retire and live comfortably years ago, but due to my actions I will have to do some part-time work until I physically can’t or die.  I still have a balance on the restitution I have to pay back even after them taking both homes and everything else we had.  I do get social security, but they take money out of that to pay the restitution so I have to work.  My husband and I are still together, but he is bitter towards me and our children are distance towards me.  The few friends I have now are ex-felons from the prison I was at and they too are having a hard life.  Getting a job is hard because you have to disclose you have a record and immediately your application is push to the side.  People think you haven’t learned your lesson and society keep you in the penalty box for the rest of your life.  There have been many times I thought of taking my own life and I can’t say that I have stopped thinking of doing so.

I just want to tell people who come to your blog that if you are someone committing a white-collar crime, please stop.  You have no idea the hell that awaits you.


Ruth . . . living in hell.


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