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Elderly Woman Embezzl $1Million for Archdiocese


“Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle” – Thomas Jefferson

Days ago I came across the Crime Diva of the day. The headline was shocking to me. Why, I’m not sure. I guess, it was the second article in less than a week that I had located a church related embezzlement case and both for a large sum of money.

I thought about my reaction for a minute and realized many naïve people must think that religious institutions are immune from illegal and immoral acts; when in facts there’s a great deal of immoral behaviors (stealing funds, adultery, homosexual activities, child molesters, etc.) going on in the church and by employees and church-members. We choose not to talk about these issues as we choose not to talk about females involved in white-collar crimes. We, as human being like to pretend that there’s some purity about church and women. We need to believe that someone or something is prefect when in fact everyone has something in them or about them that can be viewed as sinful.

Today’s CrimeDivas is Anita Collins, a 67 year-old-woman charged with embezzling $1 million from a New York archdiocese. An upsetting aspect of this case is this precious old woman had been charged before with a fraud schemes. It is this type of situations that makes it difficult for others who have made a bad decision once to get a second chance. The irate judge at sentencing stated that Ms. Collins had been put in a position of trust, given a second chance.
I was surprised that he only gave her four to nine years. I’m not sure if that was based on the sentencing guidelines, her age, or a well paid attorney.

Let’s take a closer look at this case to see the bigger picture. The money that Ms. Collins siphoned from the archdiocese was targeted for the education fund and the church was closing the Catholic schools. I wonder was that the hook – the school was closing and so the money was not needed. Let me say this again, it is not my intent to belittle the defenders, but to show the far-reaching effects of these crimes. In addition to the lost of money by the church, the state will have to pay for the cost of incarcerating her.

Ms. Collin was ordered to pay ‘all the money back’. According to the article, she was not living an extravagant lifestyle like most CrimeDivas. Maybe she was putting it away for rainy days . . . this however makes you wonder if she was a compulsive thief. . . .

Take a long look at the picture . . . it says more than a thousand words – the damage and harm white-collar crimes causes. Tell someone about this site. As I have said you never know who is a CrimeDivas.


Feel free to share your thoughts!


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