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State Senator’s – Tangled Web

“What a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive”
Wise words spoked by Sir Walter Scott

Those words are so parallel to the action of those involved in white-collar crimes. Once the web of deceit begins, it has to be covered and covered and continues snowballing until trouble is knocking at your door. As in the case of New York State Senator Shirley Huntley, 74, who was involved in an $87,000 embezzlement scam. Back in the fall, Ms. Huntley was seeking reelection for her senate seat, however, she ended up facing federal charges of embezzlement and conspiracy.

It seems that the state senator created a bogus company in which funds were illegally directed, and then lied about it. According to the article, false documents were created in an attempt to cover the illegal activity (this is the web being tangled to cover). To read the article click here The state senator was convicted of mail fraud and is awaiting sentencing.

I don’t know what it is with ‘us human’ to have the audacity to think that we can do something wrong and it will not come back to bite us. I suggest you keep these words in mind by George Herbert,- “He that once deceives is ever suspected.” It is definitely not a good feeling to be in that position. While you are on my website check out some of the comments.



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