Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Welcome To Crime Divas!

LC DeVine>Welcome to Crime Divas!
I am known as DeVine, and I am the host of this blog site. Many of you may have an ideal what the site is about from the name, but this site is to highlight the epic levels of professional females involved in white-collar criminal activities, which is occurring world-wide, particularly in the USA.

I will be sharing news stories about these divas crimes: who they are, what they did,how and to shed as much light as available as to why.

But, before we begin let me share what qualifies the bad girls to be called a Crime Divas. There are several factors I will use to determine this: 1) She must be a professional in her field of work and/or college educated. 2) Her position or connection allowed her to commit the crime. 3) Money, usually large sums, must have been involved; there is an exception to this depending on the profession or title she held. 4) Others are damaged directly or indirectly. 5) Finally, there must be a fall from grace. What I mean by fall from grace is that others must have considered her someone they looked up too. Not all factors need be applied.

I will be sharing interviews, videos, and comments of both the diva and the victims when available. I plan to also shed some light on this rise of professional females crossing the line into a criminal lifestyle that is greed based via information from law enforcement, professionals, and researchers in this field and books.

White Collar crimes are what I call invisible crimes. What I mean by this is it is usually done undercover, hidden out of view of others, and it’s a secret no one knows about. So the person that is committing the criminal behavior could be a mother, wife, sister, grandmother, cousin, friend, co-worker, a neighbor, or YOU. Shake your head and say no way, but to bring this home I am including when available photographs of these divas, but understand the pictures are not displayed to shame or belittle these women, but for viewers to see that these are ordinary looking women whom they would have never fathomed to do such things. Also, because it could be someone you know, I am encouraging you to tell others about this blog site. Why? “To help save them from what will ultimately be their demise.” And what is that? Follow this blog and learn.

I welcome you to take a few minutes out of your day to read the new postings and learn about this increasing problem; please share them with others. Also, if you by chance is someone who knows first-hand about these situations, whether as an offender or a victim, please share your experience to help heal and encourage others. Fr more information about Crime Divas, visit my website:



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